About Us

On vijayadasami day in 1923,the first D.T.E.A school was established.the school was given some accommodation in the municipal school building in mandir marg (the known as reading road) during 1931

Delhi Tamil Association schools endure an exuberant educational excellence for many glorious decades throughout. The legacy of these schools actually started very long back in the past, so to say in the pre independent era. Established in 1926,held in high esteem from its very commencement and never left any stone unturned to nurture the learning community.

The Wide Spread lush branches of DTEA Education is considered to be the core instrument of human development. Though DTEA started its journey in the field of education humbly, but crossed many milestones, holding esteemed positions and bringing laurels. The outcome is that it serves the society through its prestigious seven schools, the number still counting hopefully.