Brief History of Our School

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. Real education is that which enables one to stand on his own legs – Swami Vivekanada.

Tamilians are well known for their unique way of doing things irrespective of where and how they are placed. The concept of Tamil School started on a Vijay Dashami Day in the year 1923 with One Teacher and One Pupil had grown to the status of a primary school at Reading Road, now known as Mandir Marg, New Delhi which was subsequently recognized in the year 1925.

Thus, a place ear-marked for building a temple became a place of learning, fondly called and instantly recognized as the Madrasi School by the residents of Delhi. The Tamil Schools in Delhi are providing excellent quality education to the Tamilians in particular and others in general

A temple of learning situated in the street of temples, lightening the lamp of knowledge to thousands of students, the DTEA Mandir Marg is the flagship of the fleet of seven DTEA schools situated across the breadth and width of Delhi

The Madrasi School was given due recognition by the education authorities in the year 1925. The primary school was raised up to Middle school in 1945 and finally to Higher Secondary in the year 1946. W. Christie Esq. Chief Commissioner of Delhi laid the foundation stone for Middle school on 6th October 1945.

The school presented the First Batch for the Higher Secondary Examination in the year 1949 and continued till 1955. In the year 1956 the Higher Secondary Department was shifted to Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. Since 1959, this school has been functioning as Higher Secondary School

In the year 1972 the name of the Association was changed from Madrasi Education Association to DELHI TAMIL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION and the schools were also renamed as D.T.E.A. HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS.

All these years the school has produced best results, ranging from 90% to 100% in various subjects that are taught. Year after year it bags a sizable number of positions in the professional colleges of the country.

DTEA Mandir Marg has another pride of getting the Delhi State First Position more than Five times. The school continues to produce nearly 90% results in Board Examination and has to its credit many state firsts/merit position holders.

The students of Mandir Marg DTEA have occupied eminent positions in all walks of life throughout the world. There are numerous IAS/Doctors/Engineers/Chartered Accountants/Computer Engineers/Software Consultants who are the students of this school. Fields of Art and Culture are also invaded by the students of this school and today there are many who are well known in this field.

The DTEA Mandir Marg school’s first batch topper is Sri. V. Rajaraman scoring 498/750 in 11th Class Higher Secondary Examination in the year 1949.
For the phenomenal success of a school two ingredients are most important i.e. willing students and dedicated teachers. The DTEA Mandir Marg school is blessed with both of them in abundance.

The school owes its success to many stalwarts whose relentless pursuit for excellence in education and tireless hard-work carved a hold in the educational map of Delhi. It is worthwhile to mention here that Shri. K. Surya Narayanan who was the Principal from 1946 to 1956 was the recipient of National as well as State Award in the year 1966. He was a well known mathematician and a strict disciplinarian.

The old student of DTEA Mandir Marg school have joined together and have formed the `Bhuvanam Sradda Sreya ; Trust’. Miss V. Bhuvaneswari the Biology teacher at the DTEA Mandir Marg branch and later vice principal of DTEA Karol Bagh branch has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to a number of students who came in contact with her during the course of their studies in the schools.

Today’s advancement in Information Technology has really shrunken the world within the reach of our finger tips through the internet. The school looks forward in establishing a close link with its Alumini through this web site.