The School

This school was established by DTEA in1923.It is a co-educational aided English medium school located on MandirMarg, the heart of Delhi. It is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It provides education to children from class 1 to class 12 .The school is decorated with lots of eco-friendly plantations. The well planned school is housed in a two storied building with two wide staircases so that students could move easily from one floor to the other. Adjoining the building is a large playground. The school has separate and well-appointed toilets for girls and boys. The school boasts of several modern facilities. This has helped in creating a conducive environment in which students besides pursuing excellence in academics are also encouraged to grow socially, physically, aesthetically and spiritually.

Safety and Security

The school is secured aided by security guards, CCTV cameras and biometric access systems. Our school has 32 CCTV cameras which ensures personal safety of students, teachers and other staff members. Besides monitoring the children to ensure their safety, the cameras also help in improving overall discipline in the school. The school has biometric machines for staff attendance which is linked to a software that generates online attendance and related reports.


Children must be encouraged to play for developing a healthy society. Therefore the heart and soul of a school rests in its playground. Our school has a large playground for senior students and a small but well equipped playground secured for primary students.

Digital class rooms

The school has audio-visual room in which the students are updated with the latest modes of technology and are kept in tune with the current system. This makes the teaching learning process not only efficient but also interesting.

Digital class rooms

Digital Class rooms-keeping pace with students who are more tech-savvy, our school is introducing digital classrooms-a new educational revolutionary technology that assists teachers in an interactive curriculum.

Computer lab

The computer lab at DTEA is equipped with 30 computers.It is always ensured that each student in a class gets access to a computer so that he or she is encouraged to explore the world of computers and technology. The school has a hi-tech computer lab to teach computer science as one of the main subjects for class XI and XII students.The same lab is also used to instil basic computer knowledge among students studying in class VI onwards.

Science labs

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Labs. The students are provided opportunity to question, explore, examine and analyse. This helps in inculcating a scientific temper among the students. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Mathematics are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the watchful eyes of their teachers.


The school has developed a library which is well endowed with large number of books which are essential to cater to the cultural, social spiritual development of the students in a globalised world. For the benefit of students large number of dailies, weeklies, periodicals and journals are subscribed on a regular basis and these are available in the library.

Yoga Room

An airy well-lit Yoga room helps in ensuring a holistic development of the children. Yoga is an ancient discipline that involves more than just stretching. Its teachings include proper diet, breathing techniques, asanas and principles of ethical living.

Activity Room

The school has an activity room for the tiny tots because it is very important for children to experience small group works as well as individual work sessions. “Project Meera “an activity room which is created by old students of the school to encourage activity based learning.The DTEA firmly believes that extracurricular activities should be an essential part of the entire schooling system.Such activities help children to explore their talents and capabilities which if discovered at an early age could lay the foundation for a highly fruitful and successful life.

Drinking water

Our school provides clean and purified water facilities for good health of the students. :


Adopting technical developments we use mass SMS system to communicate the parents regarding attendance of students, examinations, test, result announcement and other important matters which are useful.


Announcement system facility is available in our school through which the HOS(Principal) can convey the messages to students and to the staff members.


Punctuality of staff members are ensure by BIOMETRIC ATTENDENCE SYSTEM which keeps a track of the timely arrival and departure.