Holiday Home Work 2017-2018
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World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day helps in creating awareness to protect the key heritage sites globally. with this objective In Mandir Marg, “The World Heritage Day” was celebrated in a special way. A quiz competition was organized on 17-4-2017. It covered various topics like culture, religious monuments etc. The Group “E” boys team emerged as winner and the Group “B” boys as runners. On 18-4-2017 in the morning assembly we celebrated “World Heritage Day” in a grand manner. An introductory and information about our heritage and culture was given by Krithika Jain of class VII. The Tiny Tots memorized us by forming like Lotus temple and senior students used Pyramid strategy to form Qutub Minar and Taj Mahal. It was a feast to the eyes when children represented various states in their traditional and colorful costumes.
The celebration ended with an appropriate note, where students took a pledge to save and respect our heritage.


Mr. Muruganandam, Principal Resident Commissioner Tamil Nadu House, chief guest for the inaugural function of CCTV surveillance cameras installed at DTEA School Mandir Marg held on Thursday (30-3-2017) is seen inspecting the functioning of the same. Sakthi Perumal, former General Secretary Delhi Tamil Sangam, R. Raju, DTEA Secretary, Mariappan, Jt. Secretary, Venkata Subramanian, President PTA, Arumugam, PTA Secretary participated in the function. 32 CCTV cameras were fitted in the school.

Annual Day celebration

DTEA Sr. sec. school Mandir Marg celebrated its annual day at Delhi Tamil Sangam on Saturday 25th February 2017 amidst great zeal and vibrancy. The event was presided by Shri. Arul Prakasam, Operation Head, CHD.
The celebration started with lighting of the lamp followed by prayer sung by the school choir. After her welcome addresses principal Gayathri V K presented the annual report highlighting the achievements of the students both in curricular and co-curricular activities. She thanked the management for all its initiative and support. The new entry in the programme was a power point presentation that enlisted the school's progress in all fields that have been made possible by the management.
This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony where the chief guest, Vice President, Shri. R. Mani, Seretary, shri R. Raju, Jt.Secretary, Shri.Ravinayakar gave away prizes to the academically meritorious pupils of the school.
The cultural programme based on the theme JAGRITI or CREATE AWARENESS commenced with a scintillating 'welcome dance' presented by the primary kids. While the Nukkad team spread awareness on 'Beti Bachhao', 'beware of terrorism', 'importance of cleanliness' 'need to save farmers' strength of unity, patriotic spirit' and the dancing troupes' selection of songs followed suit.
There was also a thought provoking 'mime' show that delivered the message that water wastage will lead to water shortage. The whole programme received a thunder of applause from the auditorium packed with parents.School's Vice Principal proposed vote of thanks and the day culminated with Natioal Anthem.


Shri SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN the great mathematic genius birthday was celebrated on 22nd December in our school in a grand scale and students display their art talent through dramatic conversation. Vishal of class XI C explained as to how mathematics is useful in day to day life.They displayed the real meaning of each letters on the word mathematics through placard.
This celebration helped the children to display their hidden interest and teachers to rediscover themselves. Primary students explained many basic concepts through posters, models, patterns.The senior were vibrant in displaying placard.On the whole it was a remarkable experience for both teachers and students.


In an effort to relieve the students from the monotony,a picnic was arranged for them. Students from 1st to 5th class were taken to historical monuments on 21th December 2016. The historic monuments gave visual and impressive knowledge about our past. The students were provided with lunch and snacks during the trip. The children enjoyed the trip as it not only refreshed the mind but also gave background knowledge of our history.
Around 250 students of class 6 to XII were taken to LOHA GARH on 27st December, 2016. They left the school at 9 AM in five buses. Teachers took care of their needs. While the camel ride camel cart ride provided all of them a thrilling experience, the lunch served there was a feast to their taste buds. Tuned with time, many shook their legs for various songs on the platform for dance. Precisely, everyone enjoyed every minute of the fun trip.They returned to school around 5 PM.


On 11th November 2016, Children’s Day (Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birthday which falls on 14th November) was celebrated at DTEA, Mandir Marg with great enthusiasm. The day began with a special assembly by paying a rich tribute to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru followed by various speeches by our students. Adarsh Ninth class student sang a song and Varsha of 6th class showed her talent by dancing, budding singers of our school presented a medley. Primary class students displayed various activities on the life of Chacha Nehru. Distribution of prizes for the house activities followed. Students carried placard displaying Nehru’s picture and his valuable quotes.

Gandhi Jayanti

D.T.E.A Mandir Marg celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and observed World Peace Day on Oct 01,2016 in the school premises. Students and teachers took part in various activities.
Shriya of Class XI’C’ inspired by her speech all the students to follow Gandiji’s path of non-violence and peace. Primary students narrated several inspiring incidents from Gandiji’s life. Primary and Sr. Girls sang famous Gandhijis song ‘Raghjupati Raghav Rajaram’and other songs. Several placards bearing messages of peace and harmony as well as the Swatchata Abhiyan were displayed.
The events invoked several memories about the freedom struggle and the lessons learnt from Gandiji.


On 3rd September 2016, Teacher’s Day was celebrated at DTEA, Mandir Marg with great enthusiasm. The day began with a special assembly by paying a tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan followed by various speeches by our students. Eight class children sang melodious Guru Mahima of Kabir Das, Bablu recited Tamil poem and primary and sr. students narrated the contribution of teachers by their speeches. School choir dedicated a Sanskrit song to their teachers. Abdul Maalik of XII class our school head boy made everyone thinks about the true spirit of teacher-student relationship. The Principal felicitated retiring teacher Shashi Sharma and addressed the students that one should always be grateful and indebted to the teachers. In the afternoon students of class XII engaged the rest of the classes as teachers. The best student- teachers were selected by teachers.


On 29th August students of DTEA MM commemorated the National Sports Day, the birth anniversary of the former Indian hockey team captain Dyan Chand. Akshit of class VIII- B took the school back into history,as he narrated the achievements of this veteran player. He rightly pointed out that today's children should learn values like team spirit and fairness from such great players.Then the school conducted Kabbadi Competition for the girls students.The match was keenly contested and interestingly watched by the other students,teachers.

Grand Celebration of the 70th Independence Day

The day dawned beautifully to enjoy the grandeur of 70th Independence Day celebrations at our school premises. Mr SURIYANARAYANAN, President DTEA , Mr. Ravi Naicker Joint secretary ,DTEA and other PTA Executive members graced the function. The Principal, Mrs. Gayathri, welcomed every one. Mr. SURIYANARAYANAN hoisted the national flag and the gathering saluted the National Flag proudly. Next in the list of programme was an ensemble of fancy dress competition by primary children, cute primary children enacted as national leaders. Hindi patriotic song sung by our sr. girls, students delivered informative and inspiring speeches in English and Tamil. Children were given chocolates. Mrs. Visalakshi P.G.T (Phy ) gave the vote of thanks. It was a day full of patriotic spirit for the students and staff as well.


The DTEA FEST attended by parents and many distinguished guests on 6th August 2016 focused on ingraining a scientific, aesthetic and creative attitude in our young students. This helped them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology, languages and society by a hands-on experience. The exhibition was a sincere effort to engage children and teachers to synergise experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel. Each corridor became a celebration of creation as each participant beckoned visitors to spectate their exhibition. Science department displayed interesting models at all levels. Several live activities were also performed by students. Mathematics department displayed mathematical fantasies like Roman number puzzles, hexagon trees, origami and a diverse range of board games.The exhibits of Social Science ranged from waterfalls to rainforests, to reefs and erupting volcanoes and a beautiful mosaic of maps,historical monuments. The languages’departments showcased their exhibits in the three languages taught at School. The Hindi department explored short stories which the students dramatised besides simultaneously sharpening their skills of articulation. The English department showcased several word games and models depicting scenes from DR. Kalam's life and many selected poems of great poets and a puppet show. The Tamil department proudly portrayed the rich Tamil literary works along with models. Schools arts and craft section attracted many visitors with their Madhubani paintings, mehandi designs,hand-work etc. The school was overwhelmed by the response of the parents without which the exhibition could not have borne fruits.

Happy Move Camp

Happy Move Camp was organized by FSL-Hyundai company for three days (18th July to20th July) in our school. During this period 28 Korean volunteers accompanied by Mr. David, co-ordinater, participated in various events like planting of trees, beautifying primary classes they also provided play materials for primary children. During the closing ceremony DTEA Sri Surianarayanan, Mr. mariappan Jt. Secretary, Mr. Venkata Subramanian grassed the function. on 20th July closing ceremony was, a cultural programme treat was given Korean students as well as our school students.


DTEA sr. sec. schools take special pride and efforts in celebrating the birth anniversaries of leaders from Tamil Nadu. Following this tradition, our schools celebrated Tamil Nadu’s former late Chief Minister Kamaraj’s birth anniversary on 15 th July. While the principals emphasized the students to be simple and patriotic like the great leader, the students displayed his picture and Quotes. John of class X delivered a speech about Kamarajar by which children understood the importance of populist measures such as free education, mid-day meal, and primary health care, implemented by Sri. K. Kamaraj.Bablu , another student recited a Tamil poem about Kamaraj.No wonder the reports of our school celebrations get highlighted in the national Tamil dailies.School management never failed to encourage and support such school endeavors.


The birth anniversary of Bharatidasan was celebrated in our school on 29.04.2016.Aparna narrated life history of famous Tamil Poet Bharatidasan,Middle and primary school students put up a good show about his works by displaying placards.Primary students sang a song from his poems to pay homage.He is a revolutionary poet,condemning social evil and practices in our society.These celebrations encourage Students to follow his footsteps to fight social evil.

World Book Day

It is said that there are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.Love of books is the best of all. The world bookday is encouraging this word for all.
The World Book Day was celebrated on 23rd April 2016 with great enthusiasm in our school. Bhavani of class XII gave a speech about books and the importance of books in our lives was presented by her.Children made banners that brought out the need and excellence of reading books. Chetan of class XII conducted a quiz about authors and books,students actively participated in the quiz.Students displayed placards with slogans about the importance of books in our life.

Republic Day

Our school celebrated the 67th Republic Day of our Nation with great pomp and show.A student of class 11 B delivered a speech about how the British were able to divide and rule India due to in fight. She asked the children to join hands in curbing terrorism and corruption which are the two major threats to our country. Gave speeches in English, Hindi and Tamil about the importance of the Day. The Principal addressed the gathering. Primary children paraded in fancy dresses of our great freedom fighters. Our schools’ budding singers sung patriotic songs.

National Voters day

Our school has celebrated National Voters Day on 25th January 2016 in the morning assembly. Keerthana of class 10th B gave a speech about the importance of electoral process and the democratic values, followed by “Voters Pledge”administered by Mrs. Mercy Nirmala.

Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Our School celebrated birth anniversary of NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose on 23rdJanuary in our school. Abdul of class 11 A narrated life history and his famous slogans which triggered students to hail Subhash Chandra Bose. In his speech he said, Subhash Chandra Bose was born on 23 January, 1897 in Cuttack (Orissa ) Subhash Chandra Bose was a very intelligent and sincere student but never had much interest in sports. He passed his B.A. in Philosophy from the Presidency College in Calcutta. He was strongly influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and was known for his patriotic zeal as a student.Tanish of class 10thsang a poem in praise of Netaji. One and all offered flower petals to the portrait of Netaji.

Legal Literacy Day

DTEA MandirMarg has organized a legal literacy programme on 19-01-2016 to create awareness among students on the Fundamental Duties, anti-ragging laws and general legal matters.NeerajGogia our resource person emphasized importance of the above said topics. It was very effective and useful.


National School Games Mallkhamb under 19 to be held from 15 January to 17 January 2016 in Sangly Maharashtra four students were selected to participate in that game. They were:-
Sharukh VII B
MohdZubir VII B
Prem R XI A
Rohir k X B
Mallakhabais a traditional Indian sport in which a Gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole. The word also refers to the pole used in this sport.Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla which denotes a wrestler and khamba which means a pole. Mallakhamba can therefore be translated to English as "pole gymnastics".


This is with regard to the celebration of GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) week from 16th to 22nd December 2015. As per the direction of CBSE, the various activities have been conducted to promote interest in the mathematics.

On 18.12.2015 cross word puzzles, Sudoku magic squares on birth date of students with 16 grids.
On 19.12.2015 Quiz competition was conducted in all three level and winners from each level honored.
On 21.12.2015 Students gave speech about Usage of mathematics in everyday life, Its Importance and application in different field. Primary students gave small skit play about mathematics in everyday life.
On 22.12.2015 Shri SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN the great mathematical genius birthday was celebrated in grand scale and students display their art talent through skit Topic-`ZERO THE SUPER HERO.A speech about INFINITY, The real meaning of each letters on the word mathematics, patterns origami etc.This week long celebration helped the children to display their hidden interest and teachers to rediscover themselves.Primary students explained many basic concepts through posters, models,patterns.The senior were vibrant displaying origami models.On the whole it was a remarkable experience for both teachers and students.


Observation of Energy Conservation Day on14-12-2015 is an evidence for our students’ concern for saving all form of energy.Students of class delivered a speech on the importance of sustainable development and could well differentiate the renewable energy from non-renewable energy.Many students displayed pictures and slogans.One of the charts promoted the “Car Free Day” advocated by the Delhi Government.They also took a pledge that they would save energy without any waste.

Anti-corruption day and girl child day

Anti-corruption day and girl child day were celebrated on 9th December in our school premises. Students took pledged to curb corruption and work for corruption free society.
The day also marked girl child’s day. A few class 11 students emphasised the importance of female in the society and the need to protect girl child in the society.

A Fun Trip to Delhi EYE

In an effort to relieve the students from the monotony,a picnic was arranged for them.Around 350 students of class I to XII were taken to Delhi Eye at Jasola on 1st December,2015 and 19th December 2015.They left the school at 9 AM in five buses.Teachers took care of their needs.While the rides provided all of them a thrilling experience,the lunch served there was a feast to their taste buds.Tuned with time,many shook their legs for various songs on the platform for dance.Precisely,everyone enjoyed every minute of the fun trip.They returned to school around 3 PM.

Global Hand Washing Day

DTEA MandirMarg observed Global Hand Washing Day on 15th October 2015 .Primary children staged a skit enhancing the importance of hand wash, right way of washing one’s hands. Kavita and Bhavana students class 8th delivered speeches in English and Hindi. Whole hearted participation can be seen when students of class 6TH to 8th displayed placards with slogans.

Zonal Sports Kho-Kho competition

Zonal Sports Kho-Kho competition was held on 12, 13 and 14 at Dellhi Kannad School Lodhi Road.A large number of our school students participated in the Competitions and bagged various prizeses. Senior bagged first position, juniors bagged second and Sub-Juniors third. These prizes motivated the students to take active part in extracurricular activities also. One and all praised them.

BalSwachhta Mission

Week long BalSwachhta Mission was observed in the month of October to educate students on the significance of cleanliness. All students scrupulously cleaned their classrooms, corridors and play areas. Earlier in the morning assembly childrenexhibited various charts and placards to stress the importance of clean school and its surroundings. Abdul of Class XI A gave an inspiring speech insisting the maintenance ofcleanliness.


World Nature Day and World Animal Day are celebrated on 3rdOctober in DTEA MandirMarg to promote awareness towards protecting ournature. Our school celebrated this day with enthusiasticstudents taking pledge to save our nature. Jahnavi of class X gave a speech to prove that it is the need of the hour to protect our nature. Bhavana of class XI narratedimportance of animals in our life and how the World Animal Day celebrated all over the world
The programme ended with Mrs. Vanaja Gabriel, Principal’s speech about World Nature’s day and World Animal Daywhich inspired the students to protect the surrounding and the animals.


D.T.E.A Mandir Marg celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and observed World Peace Day on Oct 01, 2015 in the school premises. Students and teachers took part in various activities.
Ria of Class XI’B’ inspired all the students to follow Gandiji’s path of non-violence and peace. Archana Lakshmi and Zenni narrated several inspiring incidents from Gandiji’s life. Primary students enacted as Gandiji. Several placards bearing messages of peace and harmony as well as the Swatchata Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Modi were put up.
The events invoked several memories about the freedom struggle and the lessons learnt from Gandiji.

Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas, adoption of Hindi in Devanagri script as official language of India by the Constituent Assembly of Inida , was celebrated on 14th of September every year. In our school one of our Students Shriya through her poem explained the importance Hindi. Bhavani of class XI gave a speech about usage of Hindi in our day to day life. Mrs. Meena Hindi PGT narrated journey of Hindi Literature and its development in all field in our country.


Winner of Hindi NukkadNatak in the Zonal competition was held on07-09-2015 at JPM School. Topic was: Bhrashtachar (corruption). Judges one and all, who were from NSD, appreciated their performance.Students promised that they will curb the corruption from the society.


Students and staff were one among the keen viewers of the special national telecast of the Indian prime minister's address followed by the president's class. Just before the telecast the school had a half an hour long assembly with the school choir's dedication of a Sanskrit song to their teachers, principal's address, speeches in Hindi and English delivered by Vaishnavi and Supriya of Xth respectively. Both of them brought out the greatness of Sarvepalli DR Radhakrishnan. Primary children's skit was thought provoking. Abdul Maalik of XIth made everyone think about the true spirit of teacher-student relationship. In the afternoon students of XII th engaged the rest of the classes. The best student- teachers were selected by teachers.


On 29th August students of DTEA MM commemorated the birth anniversary of the former Indian hockey team captain Dyan Chand. Abdul Maalik of XI A took the school back in history, as he narrated the achievements of this veteran player. He rightly pointed out that today's children should learn values like indomitable spirit and fairness from such great players. Then the whole school went on a run carrying placards which insisted on the participation of students in sports.


A large number of our students participated in various Zonal Cultural Competitions and bagged various prizes like Poem Recitation – English/ Hindi and Group/ Solo Singing and Debate. These are students so far who won the prizes and qualified for the inter-zonal level. One and all appreciated there performances.HINDI DEBATE- SR. BOYS-FIRST PRIZE- RAM PRASAD XIIB AND VISHAL XB, HINDI DEBATE SR. GIRLS-FIRST PRIZE- BHAVANI XIB AND SHRIYA X B, HINDI POEM SR. BOYS THIRD PRIZE - VISHAL XB, HINDI DECLAMATION SR.BOYS THIRD PRIZE- DEEPANKAR XIA, HINDI DECLAMATION SR. GIRLS THIRD PRIZE -SHRIYA XB, SOLO SINGING SR. GIRLS SECOND PRIZE –SUPRIYA IXB,ENG. EXTEMPORE SR. GIRLS - SECOND PRIZE –ARCHANA LAKSHMI.


On 22nd August during the morning assembly awareness about the mosquitoes that cause dengue and malaria was given. Students, teachers and even the president and secretary of our PTA joined us in this effort. Abdul Maalik of class XI A talked to our students so casually which helped the students to know various methods of preventing the spread of the dangerous mosquitoes.


Our school celebrated the Sadbhavana Divas on 20th August 2015.Triveni of class 10 explained that the Sadbhavana (means having good feelings for others) Diwas or Harmony Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the earlier Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Having good feelings for others was the only mission of Rajiv Gandhi. In her speech she elaborated that It is celebrated every year on 20th August in order to encourage the National integration, peace, integrity, love, affection and communal harmony among the Indian people of all religions.Yashasvi of class 9thtook pledge which was followed by the students and teachers. Such celebrations help in inculcating peace and unity among the youngsters.


On Friday,14th August 2015 DTEA Sr Sec School MandirMarg celebrated the Independence Daygrandly.After the principal's welcome address, our chief guest MrPenneswaran,a well-known Tamil writer hoisted the national flag. Then the winners of various inter house competitions received prizes from the chief guest.V Vaishnavi of XII -B delivered a mind blowing speech where she enlisted India's struggle for freedom,its revolutionary endeavours and achievements and its future missions. Our senior students enthralled the audience with their NukkadNatak which brought out the level of all pervading corruption in India and emphasised the role of the young generation to curb corruption. The school saw the same energy in our primary kids who presented two patriotic songs. The day ended with a good gesture of duty towards nation.

Van Mahotsava

Van Mahotsava was celebrated in our school on the eve of Independence Day, today 14th Aug 2015. Our joint secretary Mr. Mariappan , Principal Mrs.Vanaja Gabriel along with teachers and students planted saplings in the school ground to inculcate love for nature among the students and to keep our school green.

The August Revolution

MandirMarg students remembered the historic “Quit India Movement”. Triveni of Class X recollected that on August 8, 1942 Mahathma Gandhi launched the Quit India Movement in Bombay. The Quit India Movement also known as the August Movement was a civil disobedience movement launched by Gandhi for Satyagraha (independence). She told about the importance of this day in our freedom struggle. She added that it was the most popular and powerful mass movements in the series of agitations led by Gandhi in the course of freedom struggle. Charts carrying the slogans inculcating patriotism in the movement were displayed by students.

Homage to Dr. Abdul kalam

The students and faculty of DTEA Schools paid homage to our beloved former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and prayed for his soul to rest in peace in the Heavenly Abode. The students recollected the“panch ratna” for success as said by MISSILE MAN Sri Kalam and vowed to remember everyday morning:
• I am the best.
• I can do it.
• God is always with me.
• I am the winner.
• Today is my day.


DTEA MM had a special assembly in memory of the hundreds of people who died on 6th August 1945. This day being Hiroshima Day, Shrimathi of X-A delivered a speech about the inhuman historical event. In her speech she elaborated how the people of Japan suffered as the atomic bomb exploded. Students of class X brought this event alive in their charts.


Bhagirathi house conducted various competitions on 31-7-2015 in the school premises.Almostall students from the primary to class XII participated in them with enthusiasm. In primary level story- telling, drawing, paintingcolouring and reciting of poems were conducted. In senior level Rakhi making, scrables and greeting card making competitions were held while in the sr. secondary level chess,Sudoku,debate and speech on the life and achievements of Abdul Kalamwere held.

International Tiger Day

Students of DTEA MandirMarg celebrated International Tiger Day on July 29 to give worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers.Archanalakshmi of class 12th B emphasized the importance of the day.She explained that International Tiger day was founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. This was done because at that moment wild tigers were too close to extinction.Children of middle school displayed charts highlighting the goal of TigerDay to promote the protection and expansion of the wildtiger’s habitats and to gain support through awareness for tigerconservation.


In an attempt to inculcate patriotic values among students. DTEA Sr Sec School, MM celebrated Mr. kamaraj's birthday. Nithyashree of XII-C brought out many details of his personal and political life in her speech. Children of middle school displayed charts highlighting the simplicity of this great visionary.


Students of today are the torch bearers of tomorrow. To help them develop leadership qualities the school elects its prefectural board every year. This year's students’ council of DTEA MM underwent the swearing in ceremony. The elected prefects will head the three houses (Kaveri, Alakanand and Bhagirathi) which will remain active throughout the year performing the given duty and participating in inter house competitions. These prefects will hold the responsibilities of maintaining utmost discipline, cleanliness and assisting teachers in their pursuit of excellence.