Principal's Message

The Centenary year of formation of Delhi Tamil Education Association is fast approaching. But before I go into the details, I would recall a couplet from the agelessly elegant and universally acclaimed Thirukural. A kural under the heading 'education' conveys that cultivation of mind is attained through a process of extensive and intensive education.
I find Thiruvalluvar's observation crux of what we are trying to achieve in our schools.DTEA decades ago started with just one teacher and one student. After establishing our first school we started spreading our wings.We have seven branches all over Delhi and preparations are on for the eighth one to be open soon. DTEA management, under the able guidance of Hony. President Shri. M.Sooriya Narayanan and Hony. Secretary Shri. R. Raju, has done its best to expand the infrastructure from black board to smart board. We have well equipped laboratories, a well-stocked library, net connectivity and even CCTVs for ensuring security to the students.
But our biggest assets are our students.There are innumerable students who passed out of our schools and achieved their goals in life. I can tell you with a certain amount of pride that we have produced many successful professionals who work across many fields— in science, arts, commerce, and even cinema which is the reason we have such a strong bonding with our alumni. They return to their alma mater on every possible opportunity to greet the teachers,to encourage the students and even generously donate to upgrade certain facilities.
Therefore you should feel special and chosen-one to be part of this large DTEA family. In this fast-changing world education and methods of teaching too are changing rapidly. DTEA management in the last three years has toiled day and night to develop infrastructure facilities for our schools. The parents and alumni have contributed their valuable aid and suggestions.
It is now therefore the responsibility of the students to make the best of all the available opportunities. Like Thiruvalluvar has pointed out: as one digs deep, the wells in the sand get abound with springs of water. Similarly, knowledge gets deeper and wider with appropriate education. It shapes your thinking, your personality and your future.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

(Mrs Gayathri V K)